All Radio Commercial Production Packages Include-
  • Detailed goal & needs consultation to ensure your radio commercials
    maximum effectiveness

  • 100% Custom, unique script created for your specific commercial

  • Unlimited re-visions (at no extra charge) to the radio commercial script
    before production

  • Creative radio commercial production, one voice from our roster (Or we
    can casts a voice from our data-base of more than 10,000 voices), Back-
    Round Music, Sound Effects as needed & Master Recording for your files.

  • Free support and consulting through-out your radio commercial
    campaign, including advice that may help ensure maximum
    effectiveness and recommended station placement.

  • Complete rights to use your radio commercial on any radio or television
    station in your select local market for any period of time and on your
:30 - $300 per Local Radio Commercial
:60 - $350 per Local Radio commercial

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Multi-voice Radio Commercials (more than one voice) additional rates apply,  Non-
English Local commercials additional rates apply. Regional, Nationally Running, and
commercials airing in Arbitron Rated markets 1 through 20 rates may differ.
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radio commercials
radio commercials
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