• Commercial Production
  • Campaign Consulting
  • Station Placement

Packages Includes-
  • Detailed goal & needs analysis to ensure your radio commercials
    maximum effectiveness

  • Contacting the stations that best target your customers,  negotiating
    for the lowest possible rates with the stations, gathering quotes,
    researching of prime ad placement times. (Basically, we go to battle
    with the radio stations to get the most for your advertising dollar)

  • 100% Custom, unique script created for your specific commercial

  • Unlimited re-visions (at no extra charge) to the radio commercial
    script before production

  • Creative radio commercial production, one voice from our roster (Or
    we can casts a voice from our data base of more than 10,000 voices),
    Back-Round Music, Sound Effects as needed & Master Recording for
    your files.

  • Support and consulting through-out your radio commercial campaign,  
    including advice that may help ensure maximum effectiveness for
    your ad dollars as you move forward.

  • Complete rights to use your radio commercial on any radio station in
    your select local market for any period of time and on your website.

Production Rates
:30 - $300 per Local Radio Commercial
:60 - $350 per Local Radio commercial
Advertising rates we negotiate with select radio station(s). (individual
stations vary, that is why we will gather quotes for you before you make any
.  We work for you, NOT the radio stations. This allows us to give
unbiased recommendations for your marketing plans, and bargain with
stations to get you the lowest possible rates with prime-time placement.

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Multi-voice Radio Commercials (more than one voice) additional rates apply,  Non-
English Local commercials additional rates apply. Regional, Nationally Running, and
commercials airing in Arbitron Rated markets 1 through 20 rates may differ.
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radio commercials
radio commercials
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