Effectively Communicate with Your Customers

Its very easy to throw away thousands upon thousands of dollars on advertising if your customers don't have a SIMPLE way of
getting in contact with you. Even with an intriguing commercial that catches the attention of a potential customer. You could
completely loose the open door you've created, if you slam it shut with a complex or un-memorable phone number or website.

I always stress a very simple rule -
Keep It Simple

No one is going to remember "Call 316-672-8901" -  No matter how often it is repeated. Or "visit double-you, double-you,
double-you, dot my business dot com slash great deals slash radio sale".
NO ONE, No matter how photogenic their memory
will retain this information when they need it. People will hear the random combination of numbers as just that, a random
combination of numbers,
NOT a phone number. The brain is not equipped to retain information this way. When trying to recall
a web address such as the one mentioned, they will recall it in the wrong order, often times with words that were never even

You may reason with yourself,  "If its important to my customers, they
will remember it... Right?". Wrong.  

Often times radio advertising will connect with hundreds if not thousands of potential customers. However, only a fraction will
become real customers because only a few were able to recall the information needed to follow through. Why is this? Its
because all too often, this information is poorly communicated in the commercial message. However, hundreds if not
thousands, WANT TO FOLLOW THROUGH... If they could recall how to!

Simple Number. There are some GREAT vanity number services out there. Services that can give you numbers like -
1-800-NEW-CARS to 1-800-NEW-HOME. Using numbers like these, or a SIMPLE web address in your radio advertising is a
KEY to the success of your marketing campaign.

Plus some vanity number services provide you with
AMAZING tracking data on every single person who calls your number.
Everything from their address, household income, time of call, date of call, medium from which they got your phone number,
and much, much more. All great information for building your customer database, and tracking effectiveness of a campaign.

Feel free to
contact me for a recommendation on some great vanity phone number services that could help build your
customer database like never before!

Simple Web Address. This one is simple. If you sell chocolate, try to have a web address such as "lovechocolate.com" or
"eatchocolate.com". Something easily remembered.

Not "www.ignieseandsons-chocolatefactoryandtours.com" or even worse "ignieseandsons-chocolatefactoryandtour.com/radio".
With the thought of adding the "/radio" to help "track" your marketing. Doing this tracks nothing other than the fact that people
don't know how to spell the name of the business, remember the dash between words and the slash radio at the end.

If you have an existing website that is not an easily remembered name, the $10 - $15 per month it may cost to buy a
memorable referring address may result in increased visits and increased business.

All Claims and Suggestions on this site are not a guarantee of performance, simply a recommendation based on demographics and formats. See our Terms & Conditions for further information.
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