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Business Podcasting - Right Place, Right Time?
You hear the term "podcasting" all the time. But what exactly is it,
and is it anything you should be thinking about?

What is it?
Simply put, a podcast is an mp3 audio download from a website
designed to inform and entertain anyone who downloads it (think of
it as an entertaining radio program that can be listened to on any
computer or mp3 player at any time). Many businesses are offering
podcasts on their websites that discuss issues important to their
target customers.

What can it do for business?
For example, Swift Auto Repair may offer a podcast on its website
that offers tips for keeping up on car repairs, or trends in the auto
industry. Swift Auto Repairs podcast is offering a useful resource to
its target customers. The ROI is the top-of-mind awareness created
for Smith Auto Repair. When listeners need a product in relation to
what was discussed, Swift Auto Repair is the first business that
comes to mind. That customer may also send friends to Swift Auto
Repairs website to listen to the podcast, resulting in viral marketing.

Who is listening?
If you have a website, anyone and everyone who visits could be a
listener to your podcast. The amount of people in the US who
listened to podcasts increased by 18.5 Million in 2007. This number
continues to grow dramatically as more and more websites and
businesses are offering podcasts to their customers. Its predicted
that by 2010, the total podcast audience in the US will reach 65
million. Bottom line, "if you offer it, they will listen."

How is it done?
Luckily, you don't have to be a "professional broadcaster" to have
your own podcast. Most business that use podcasting, work with a
professional host that leads the show, with the business owner
acting as the guest - sharing their knowledge on the topic or
industry of discussion. These podcasts emulate radio programs,
and have a true competent and professional sound to them.
Featured guests from with-in a selected industry, listener emails
and letters are also popular features of a business podcast.